Monday, November 5, 2018

How To Maintaining Good Health For Women During Menstruation Cycle

Monday, November 05, 2018

Every woman must experience a menstrual period in which blood, mucus (cellular) mucus and cellular debris from the uterus occurred in a certain period. During the menstrual period, everything may feel uncomfortable. The body feels sore, tired quickly and sometimes becomes more sensitive than usual. These things make women pay less attention to cleanliness during menstruation.

What is Menstruation?

Menstruation a.k.a having your period is when blood and tissue from your uterus comes out of your vagina. It usually happens every month.

When women experience menstruation they can be said to be more sensitive, irritable, bad mood and others. During menstruation, women should have to maintain the health of their genitals.

1.     Use Loose Clothes

When menstruation comes, try to wear looses clothing so that the body can move freely and more comfortably.

2.     Take a Break for a Day

Just take a few minutes to take a nap, even though you're not used to taking a nap.

3.     Bathing in warm water

Bathing in warm water not only makes the body cleaner, but also expels the fatigue that is felt. The mind becomes calmer and emotionally controlled even though it is menstruating.

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4.     Exercise lightly 

Even though it feels painful, it is not an obstacle not to exercise, but with mild exercise it will keep your body healthy and little by little to reduce pain.

5.     Replace Bandages 3-5 Times a Day. 

Busy activities sometimes making women forgot to change pads. In fact, according to an obstetrician, Muhammad Dwi Priangga, sanitary napkins that are not replaced for too long can cause the vagina to become moist, fungal infections and bacterial changes. The bacteria that used to be good bacteria turn into bad bacteria and are at the risk of the going up to the area of ​​the uterus or ovary." Change the pads when the pads feel uncomfortable, rather wet. Normally, 3-5 times change the pads in a day," said doctor Angga when met in Jakarta (25/4).

6.     Clean Intimate Organs Before Changing Bandages

Before using new pads, first clean the vagina. However, it is not recommended to use vaginal cleansing soap. Vaginal cleansing soap can risk killing good bacteria in the vagina. Simply wash with clean water. Also, clean the area around the vagina affected by menstrual blood. In addition to maintaining cleanliness, this also aims to reduce unpleasant odors.

7.     Wash Your Hands

Don't forget to wash your hands after disposing of sanitary napkins and before using new pads. 

8.     Routinely Replace Your Underpants 

In addition, routinely changing pads, it is also important to routinely change underwear. Clean panties avoid the risk of discomfort around the intimate organ area. Choose cotton underwear. In addition to underwear, also pay attention to outerwear. Choose a slightly loose so that the sex organs can breathe.

That's all about How To Maintaining Good Health For Women During Menstruation Cycle, I hope you all can applicate this tips for your daily life. Thank you for your attention and see You on the next article. Stay tune!

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